Looking After Wool Mattresses Dos And Don’ts

If you’ve not already started looking after and maintaining your new wool mattress, purchased from a specialist wool shop such as The Wool Room, now might be the time in which to do so – the last thing you want is an expensive mattress that passing kids use for wrestling on as you struggle to dispose of it.

As with anything in life, good care and maintenance is essential, especially when it comes to a woolmattress.


Be Delicate – Wool Needs TLC

Wool is a delicate material so looking after a wool mattress should involve a similarly delicate approach. Woolmark has a guide which gives a good indication of things to be aware of with wool products in general.

As a pointer though, wool should never be exposed to high heat for example, at least not for anything longer than a few minutes. Any stains will have to be hand washed with lukewarm water and a mild detergent.

Wool Mattresses Need Love Too

Aside from a few things however, most of the care processes for wool mattresses are the same for any other mattress.

A simple flip and rotate policy will keep your mattress in tip top condition, and avoid the risk of forming a person shaped divot in the bed. Keep in mind that some mattresses can’t be flipped over however as the springs are only on the one side. If this is the case, and you will know your mattress better than me, simply go for the turn and rotate once a month idea.

Other Ways To Keep Your Mattress In Tip Top Condition

You can use a wool mattress topper as an extra buffer between you and the wool mattress. This is a great way to get even better use of wool’s natural super powers. Alternatively, look to use a mattress cover if you have not used one already or a mattress protector which is designed to protect the mattress itself from any spills, dirt or dust issues.

There are also a number of simple things anyone over the age of ten should be able to do, without being mischievous. First don’t bounce on the bed – see I told you anyone over the age of ten SHOULD be able to do that, but then I know what some grown men, and women can be like when it comes to turning back the clock and being a child!

Similarly it is advised not to sit on the edge of the bed as you will cause it to droop and sag over time. So avoid having a sit on the edge to watch TV in bed or put your slippers on!

When you go on holiday or away for any extended period of time, it is well worth stripping the bed to let it air out. Another handy tip is to pull the covers back while you go to work, you can then put them back when you get home. This will help air the mattress and help any moisture evaporate.

Things To Be Careful About

Don’t let your mattress get wet and similarly, don’t use any dry cleaning fluids – as mentioned already, opt for a mild detergent. If there is a spill, deal with it promptly.

Looking after your wool mattress shouldn’t be seen as a chore, just take care of it, and it will definitely take care of you!

How to decorate the navy style

In good weather it is essential to modify the home decor and to set it so that it becomes cooler and a more Mediterranean style home. Maybe you’ve seen in decorating magazines a sailor style that dominated the blue colors, stripes and sailor knots. In the following article we will give you the tricks to decorate your home in true navy style.

It is a style that typically dominates the summer houses on the beach. But this does not mean that your home in the city can not implement this type of decoration in the warmer weather and raging. The main objective of the navy is to style a space of tranquility.

How to decorate the navy style

Blue and white

The natural thing to emulate the sailor style is to use natural colored furnishings. Forget that comfortable chocolate brown wood and replace it with one that is white. The old wood is widely used which is usually combined with cotton fabric resource. Read the rest of this entry »

The Stories behind the Names of Common Household Furnishings

Do you ever wonder why certain household furnishings have unusual names? Many furnishings have names that reflect their origins or original purposes, but the denotations of the names have been lost or simply ignored over time.  Here are histories of some common furniture words: 

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are called “Roman” for the obvious reason – they are a style of blind originally used by ancient Romans. The first roman blinds were just simple sheets tied over windows in order to keep out road dust, common in the arid Roman climate and the stone dust from construction of buildings like the Coliseum. The Coliseum itself was equipped with roman blinds that protected spectators from the sun’s heat during all day entertainments.

They’re extremely popular today, as evidenced by the Dunelm roman blinds range.

Ottomans, sofas, and divans

A number of common furniture words came into English during the 18th century from the Middle East. The term “ottoman” was originally used as an adjective to describe any type of low, upholstered furniture. It designated that the furniture was inspired by Ottoman style furnishings, where low benches much like our modern ottomans were the most common form of seating. The term originally was much less specific, though, and included a low couch that wrapped around the edge of a room, as well as low seats with backs.  Two related word are “sofa” and “divan”, for couches.  Sofa is derived from the Arabic word ‘soffa’, which also denoted a low seat covered with cushioning. Divan comes from Persia’s “devan”, originally meaning a group of nobility, but eventually coming to denote the cushioned platform on which the rulers sat.

Chaise lounges, Chandeliers and Duvets

house hold furnutureChaise lounge, chandelier, and duvet are based on fairly literal, descriptive French words for the furniture. “Chaise” is the French word for “chair.” Lounge is a “misappropriation” of the French “longue”, meaning long. So a chaise lounge was originally a “chaise longue” – literally a long chair. Over time, the fact that the chair supports the feet meant that “lounge” was just as sensible as long, and “chaise lounge” became the common form.

Chandelier, a light fixture with several lights, derives from the French word for candle, chandel. The original chandeliers were clusters of candles suspended from the ceiling.  There are many ways you can display them in your own home.

Duvet, a padded bed cover usually made of down or a polyester down substitute, is the French word for down.


Another term borrowed from the French is bureau, which came into use in France in the 17th century and entered Dutch and English usage about 100 years later. The term has always referred to a wide range of furniture types, from simple chests, to desks, to a bookcase with doors.

Skirting Boards

Although this seems like an unusual term, especially in comparison with the more obviously literal American and Canadian equivalent “baseboard”, it is actually just as descriptive. To “skirt” something is to go around the perimeter of it. A skirting board skirts the perimeter of a room.


Doilies are named after a London linen company, Doiley, who made decorative fringed napkins during the 18th century. The word is a surname of the company’s owners.

Ideas for reforming housing

Sure for quite some time you want to restore your home with a few small fixes, not great works. Or perhaps you do not need you now housing reform, but and if you have a little more free time. So, sure you will like the ideas in decor able we propose below.

Different areas of the house should delimit. Sure that the kitchen is in a room and the bathroom in quite another. Unfortunately, not all rooms of the house enjoy the same fate. Did you get a living room? Then you should define both spaces. If you do not want to build a wall in between you can paint the room two different colors to distinguish the two areas.

Ideas for reforming housing

A brighter entry

A small house does not like sharing a room, but even so it is preferable to place them both in the same room better sharing a large room to sleep in very small bedrooms. There you will have plenty of room to bring them to a playroom. Read the rest of this entry »

A house for a dog step by step

When you have animals at home it is best to take their own space. There are many dog lovers who prefer to buy a wide, spacious and with a large garden or patio where the animal can wander free housing.

If this is your case and you have a spacious place to take the dog, why will not you build a house for the night? You’ll need a wooden board 18 mm, mounting adhesive, you 4 x 40 mm screws, primer sealer, plastic paint, Americana tequila and doorstops.


Mounting Process

Once you have bought the material you need, remember that you must also have a couple of boards resistant structure mark and cut the pieces of the structure of the building. What are the parts cut off? With a jigsaw for better fitting the cut will have to skate at 45. Read the rest of this entry »

What put chairs in the dining room

About tastes there is nothing written. You may be fond of a style of decoration that maybe someone else does not share. In the world of dining chairs is exactly the same. There are many models that usually do not know which one to choose. Note that the dining room is the heart of any home. The more right with the decor, your house will look more beautiful.

If you think about it, most of the time spent sitting. Sitting in a chair on a couch or in one of those modern poufs hence the importance of choosing a good rest and even if it is for the dining room. Here are some tips on what to choose chairs.

dining room

Wood leather or metal

The wooden chairs are the most classic. Many think they are outdated and to be replaced by more modern and stylish. However, wood is one of the most used in the world of decoration materials. Combines with any type of furniture also this is a material that supports a wide variety of forms, so you can have a fully modern wooden chairs. Read the rest of this entry »

Deckchair and table fridge Garden

With the heat you are doing more than one is currently releasing the spring-summer season in style. Exit to the terrace or garden is not crazy when temperatures raise much, so you have to start thinking in these areas acclimate to enjoy pleasant moments.

In this regard we’ve already made ​​a lot of collections. The latter has been the Buchan garden catalog which includes all furniture, barbecues, refrigerators, etc. Now, however, I have to tell you about a set that has prepared Carver so you feel very comfortable while the sun settle on your skin.

fridge Garden

Sun lounger Atlantic

The Dutch multinational, which has already accumulated 65 years of experience, invites us to buy a recliner that has been given the name of Atlantic Sun lounger. It is compact and ensures maximum ergonomic imaginable thanks to the four positions of their support. Read the rest of this entry »

Noguchi Table –for Interior decoration

Arizona is one of the states in South-western region of United States which is referred as the sixth largest and 15th most populous of the 50 American states. It’s one of the capitals and its largest city is Phoenix. It is also known as four cornered states and is sharing borders with Utah, Mexico, California, Nevada and a single point in common with South-western corner of Colorado. They are powered with wonderful resorts like Ski, Tucson and Flagstaff. Arizona has been recognized as one of the centre of Native America art, where they are having larger number of galleries which are showcasing or presenting the leading arts works. Some of the exhibits which are of signature marks are mentioned as-Navajo Hogan. Apart from that there are some budding artist’s colonies which are prevailing over here already and they are well known as Tubac, Jerome and Sedona.

Artist with regards to Interior designs
As its come into focus that people of Arizona are lovers of arts then it is for sure that they must have been lovers of Noguchi Table. It is considered as one of the leading piece of modern architecture with regards to categories of furniture and it came into presence in the mid of 20th Century. It was introduced in year 1947by Herman Miller and was designed and drafted by renowned designer of industry who was named as Isamu Noguchi.  It does comprise of a wooden base and is composed of 2 similar pieces of curved wood and a heavy glass top.








How did it come to existence?

The history of this table has been exciting and really note worthy. It was considered as an evolution of rosewood and a glass table which was designed in year 1939 for A. Conger Goodyear, who is the President of the Museum for the Modern Art. The Herman Miller team was so impressed with regards to table’s biomorphism that they decided of recruiting Noguchi for designing a sample table for same design with the freeform base which would be depicting the culture. The base got carved from the walnuts (which were solid in their form). In the year 1947, the catalogue showcased its design in which it was named as “sculpture for use” and another name which was handed over to it was “design for Production”.

Features of Table
The base of the table could be scratched or dinged but it is for sure that it is impossible for anyone to break or crack it.  The glass tops which are on it are prone for chipping on the edges front and some scratches on the top but they are so heavy and large that there is no chance of being broken. It is believed that tables are really durable and due to which people avoid using it. The table could carry out heavy weight and still would not at all get damaged at any point of time. The design is remarkable due to which it is gaining popularity.

The new collection of home

Coast Morocco, blue against white, geometry and arabesque there are many ways to define the new collection of home just introduced the English court going into this spring-summer season we are already beginning to enjoy.

The arrival of warm weather encourages us to bring joy every corner of our house, whether interior or exterior spaces. And to feel comfortable and at ease, nothing beats the proposals that you can find in two seas a selection of products you love us from the start. If you keep reading you will find out why.

The new collection of home

Taste Mediterranean

The chosen colors and geometric forms of the compositions bring freshness and move you toward the most relaxing places in the Mediterranean. Bed linen, cups, towels, chairs, china, linens, lamps, tables you can find everything you need to give that final touch betting on colors like white, orange and blue, which are the stars this masterful creation. Of course, there are shades in contrast like red and turquoise always fit so excited this time of year. Read the rest of this entry »

Start Up Your Own Record Store On The Cheap and Easy

The American dream is to run your own business and to be self-sufficient. There are many ways to do that; you could become a plumber or you could do construction. But why not do something even more fun, like starting up your own record store! Now’s the time, as the used vinyl market (and the new vinyl market) are at recent highs, and only increasing. It’s becoming a status symbol of the truly cool to have a record player, and you can capitalize on that. Also, it’s fun as heck to wake up each morning and realize your only obligation is to head over to the shop and listen to records and talk music with your customers. So you’ve decided to do it, now you need to think of a few things you haven’t thought of. Here are some pieces of advice to starting up that record store efficiently for cheap and easy!

1. Record Collection


You can’t have a record store without a record collection. You could pour through vinyl at other stores and try to find gems and then mark them up a bit at your store but that is going to be ineffective and very time consuming. The best thing to do is scour the interwebs for someone selling a collection in bulk. Something with 5000+ records in it. Even if over half of them are junk, you need records in the bins to show people you’re for real. Of course you want to make sure some of the records have value, so do a little due diligence, but make sure you start your store with a good amount of records. Find gems along with that, too, of course.

2. Plastic Bag Sealer

DIYOutlet-FirstBatch-8-2One thing to help increase the value of your records is to give them perceived value. The best way to do that is to seal them up in a bag sealer like you can get for cheap at The DIY Outlet. Why is this? Well, you’re not pretending that the record is new – records are a funny thing in that older ones typically have more value than newer, particularly if in mint condition. But if they’re sealed in a bag, it protects them, and shows your customer that this record is indeed collectible. The customer has the option of removing the record to listen to (advisable), or keeping it sealed (weird). But either way, when at your shop, it’ll show that the record is highly collectible.

3. Run It Out of Your Home


You may have to make sure your place can be zoned for a commercial endeavor, but if you run your store out of your home, you minimize rent for both an apartment and a store, and you get to have the all time best commute ever! You can also cook food and have special food offers for folks (anything to entice customers in through the doors). You may think that it’s a bad idea to marry your work and home life so closely, but the advantages are many. Not least of which is getting to rock your favorite records at night! You can truly be the king of your domain with a record store run out of your own home. You’ll be a neighborhood institution before long!

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