How to Keep Your Mattress in Great Shape

Buy a $3,000 suit, and you’re not going to wad it up in the corner of your room after you’re done wearing it. Buy a $30,000 car, and you’re not going to take it to the demolition derby. When we spend substantial sums of money on important items in our lives, we try to take care of them as best we can, and get the longest life from them as possible. Why is it then, that despite the cost and impact mattresses have on our lives, we rarely take any extra time to get the most out of them?

These tips can help you extend the life of your mattress and maximize your investment.

Keep it Covered – Investing in a mattress cover will cost barely a fraction of the actual mattress’ price, but can make a difference between it staying in your bedroom and winding up on the curb. Covers can protect against spills, accidents, and dirt in general, which can age a mattress prematurely. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for decorating the house to the beach

The beach house is the perfect retreat for a relaxing holiday and smoothly. But to be a perfect day to relax you have to place the house so that help you relax and comfortably spend the hot summer days. Check out these tips for decorating your beach house summer holidays and enjoy!

Find a style that is fresh bright and inviting to rest. Do you know what colors would go so just right for a decoration? The entire range of white blue and beige as they are fresh and bright colors which will make the rooms look bigger and keep away from feeling overwhelmed at home.

Modern interior of the beach house 3D rendering

Furniture Placement

Another aspect that you have to take into account in housing is the location of furniture. Note that you’re going to the beach for comfort and finding obstacles at every turn. Hence, when choosing the distribution of household furniture, avoids crowd in passageways. Read the rest of this entry »

Colors to decorate the bedroom

The bedroom is the typical rest area home. So when you have to decorate it, thing to do is do it by means of colors that harmonize the entire stay. Light colors express harmony and tranquility, just what you require to rest. In here will show a number of the colors that you can use to decorate your room.

At this time takes a lot bedroom Mediterranean method. There’s nothing like thinking you’re by the sea to relax and rest quietly. As you know, in this style of decoration blue colors predominate, giving special importance to aqua. The blues will always be well by means of white, especially if they contrast with each other. Be sure to paint a wall of wait blue-green and the rest white. Also, if you have a round table covers with a blue striped tablecloth to give a dissimilar touch to the bedroom.

blue bedroom Read the rest of this entry »

Programs for 3D design houses

Can you imagine designing your own home 3D? In here you will learn how. Much easier than you think! Applications and software that will be useful if you are thinking of build remodel or redecorate your home. Designs and fun, while you create the home of your dreams, thanks to the latest technological advances applied to interior and exterior decoration. Get to work!

3D design of gardens and exteriors

Before you begin to design your home, please have basic knowledge in technology and design to be able to take advantage of all the benefits to offer us technological tools, such as the interesting selection that we have prepared in happy to be at home.

3D design houses

Programs to design houses in 3D

Enjoy your own garden at home? Then the program you need is called design of gardens and exteriors 3D. It is available in English and Spanish, the only downside is that the program is not free, since it has a price that is around 20 euros. It is a tool that will allow you to customize and convert an extension of land into an incredible garden. Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting Guns from Humidity

Humidity is one of the things that can really have a huge impact on the condition of a gun over the years. Water in general can cause rust, corrosion, discoloring and even rot in a wooden stock. This is why it is so important to dry your guns off after you go hunting in the snow or the rain. You definitely do not just want to throw the gun back in a case or a gun safe without first drying it off and then putting on a light layer of oil.

Many people are good at drying their guns off when they use them, but they forget about humidity. It can have all of the same effects on your guns, but it just works on them for a longer period of time. That is why all of the old Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles that the Russian military stored away were covered in cosmoline. This substance protected the rifles when they were not being used. It can be annoying to buy a new 91/30 and have to clean it all off, but the only reason you can even get one that works decades from when it was built is because of the protection. Read the rest of this entry »

Nordic style kitchens

In here let’s take a little trip by decorative trends that prevail in other countries. And wrap up very well, because our adventure takes us to northern Europe, where we expect the Scandinavian style. Want to decorate your kitchen with Nordic style? In that case do not miss some key points that will help you get.

Natural light and warm colors

If we talk about the Nordic method houses it is inevitable to mention the painter and interior designer Carl Larsson one of the great representatives of this style. A decoration inspired by the landscapes of Sweden Norway and Denmark mythical. But what exactly this trend, and how we can also get it in our kitchen? First of all take note of some very important clues.

Nordic style kitchens

Old and new

The Nordic style commitment to combine the old with the new creates a just right fusion where the sunlight and pure white are protagonists. And we could summarize this trend: bright, warm colors and spaciousness. Although you can also give a touch of color, with subtle prints inspired by natural history like print of flowers or stripes minimalist prints. And besides pure white, not lose sight chromatic proposals such as beige, light blue and soft browns. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips for safe housing

Statistics show that a home is not always guaranteed their safety. It is said that more than half of the accidents in the home happens to people over 60 years and these are due to falls, but among these also include fires poisoning and electrocution. It is a panorama certainly something alarming for anyone who wants to construct a safe home free from drawbacks. In here we’re going to give you some strategy to look out for you to have a safe home.

We begin with the ventilation system. All fuels need air to burn, so this feature is essential in a home. Look carefully at the points of ventilation in your home. Remember that the boiler or warmer must possess a closed ventilation circuit that can take outside air and expel gas. If you see spots appear at the top of a boiler call a technician for review because it is an indication that the flue pipe is defective.


House safty Read the rest of this entry »

Applications for designing interiors

We imagine you’ll agree with us that the new technologies have greatly facilitated our lives, right? And, among many other things today and not only can plan a trip, shopping or discovering new fashion trends from the desktop, but we can do all these things anywhere in the world thanks to devices like electronic tablets or smartphones. Another thing we can do thanks to new technologies in particular with applications for cell phones and tablets that are continually emerging is to design interior spaces quickly and easily.

Today here we want you to meet some of these apps you will come great whether you’re passionate about decorating and like to make changes at home every few minutes as if you’re thinking of doing some home renovation or redesign. Some are even better than the best indoor simulators that can be found online. Want to join us?

designing interiors

Home-style Interior Design

First we want to talk to home-style interior design, an application which you will find the sea of practice as it will inspire you in design projects truly spectacular interiors. We also offer all kinds of tips and trends. What’s more you can see their ideas become reality experimenting with real products. Read the rest of this entry »

How to decorate bedroom walls

The walls are the elements of a home in the more you look at access to housing. Hence decoration is vital in a home. Maybe there are areas of your home that is not well recharge such as the corridor walls or salon, but everyone in your home has a personal space for yourself and this is the bedroom.

Then we will give you some ideas to decorate the walls of your room and give it a different and innovative look. The classic way to decorate the walls of a room is by painting. One option is to use a color on each wall or choose two shades of paint and decorate the surface with stripes.

wall deor

If you will not much like the idea of painting the bedroom walls because you consider it is a tedious job and requires a lot of homework, you can also choose to decorate in a different way. Do you like the photo collage? Buy boxes of various sizes and frame your favorite photos. It will be a good corner to keep the best memories you have. Read the rest of this entry »

How lighting can enhance your dining room

When it comes to decorating your dining room, choosing the right lighting is not only about functionality, but also about creating an ambience and showing off your style. Dining rooms are often the hub of the home when hosting special occasions and entertaining guests, and having the right combination of lighting can make all the difference when creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family.

Whether you need to brighten up a dingy space, create a soft ambiance or make a bold design statement, here are some top tips on how to make the most of your dining room decor.


Even when switched off, a chandelier is an elegant addition to any dining room space and can be used to compliment various interior styles and decor, both traditional and contemporary. A crystal chandelier is a guaranteed show-stopper that can reflect light around the room in a delicate way, dispersing decorative patterns upon the walls and ceiling – ideal if the theme for your dining room is all things opulent. If you want to give a contemporary twist to a traditional design, modern chrome chandeliers can make for an interesting centrepiece.


If you want to bring your home interior into the 21st century, a pendant light is the perfect way to give your dining room a smart, ultra-modern edge. Hanging an eye-catching drop and fall pendant just above your dining room table can help to create a cosy, intimate atmosphere by bringing the focus towards the table whilst the rest of the room fades into the background. Pendant lights offer the chance to put a creative stamp on your home and make an on-trend style statement with an eye-catching focal point.

Flush fitting lights

If you’re looking for something tasteful, flush ceiling lights will help bring a touch of understated style and practicality to your dining room. By placing a modern ceiling track of adjustable spotlights in the centre of the room, you can remain in control of where the light is directed – ideal for illuminating a special piece of furniture or for drawing attention to an area of the room you love. Alternatively, placing individual spotlights in a row up and down the ceiling will create a clean, ultra-modern look that will disperse light evenly throughout the room. Read the rest of this entry »

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