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What to choose for the kitchen floor in the style

After giving you a few tips to decorate your bathroom and introduce some of the most interesting proposals for this stay as close to your home, we wish to mention the kitchen. As you know, this area is very important in any home; as it is in this place where food is prepared we will be healthy and full of vitality.

choose for the kitchen floor in the style

When decorate your kitchen there will have to consider many aspects, such as furniture or appliances. In addition, you must define the style you prefer for this stay (baroque, industrial, minimalist). Once decided, then you know what kind of soil could do better.

Rustic kitchens

To choose the ideal floor of your kitchen, not only have to take into account criteria of hygiene and durability, it is also important to look at the composition, color and material, as each style suits him a certain material. For example, in the case of rustic kitchens, the best stone floors are naturally or wood in colors not stolen the limelight furniture.

Baroque kitchens

Instead, for kitchens Baroque are ideally dark pavements in style mosaic, preferably of different pieces. In terms of materials, it is best to choose the stone or porcelain tiles.

Minimalist kitchens

If you prefer a minimalist kitchen, it is best that you choose a continuous concrete floor white in matte format. Yes, always fit with the colors of the kitchen.

Industrial kitchens

For industrial-style kitchens, the best soil is of concrete polishing, although some waters gently revealing, i.e., with just imperfect. In addition, it also would come linoleum.

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