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Vases made ​​from books

Particularly we think that even if there is very attractive you can use magazines in this way not have to trim no leaves of book. But if anyway you’re going to undo of them better do something decorative with them. These vases of paper are very simple to manufacture if not look the images. Also are pretty good. All we have that have on hand is a book or a magazine and a piece of cardboard.
Vases made ​​from books
The latter will use it as a template so that all leaves have the same shape. As you see in the image trace half of a vase that is how you want to give to yourself! Then cut the cardboard and glue to the leaves of the book. Now begins a somewhat tedious task, but we have to take this pattern as many sheets as you want. The more leaves you have made​​ you will be thicker and more beautiful vase will be the final finish.

Trims all forms always respecting the part of chanting the Book for which are glued. Finally get rid of the covers if you have not done and ready. Fold or opens the leaves and paste with silicone the edges of singing. De this way remains a vase precious color paper you want and open. Now you can decorate a beautiful corner in your home.

To it will last you more what you can do is to pass a hand of cola of carpenter even if you think it is white if you’ve lowered with some water be transparent. In this way the wood glue the vase will be harder take a little shine and last much longer if we do not apply this.

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