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Valentine floral decoration

The Valentine’s decoration usually focuses on the use of red roses and candles. But it often happens that some will not taste many red or red roses, and think that maybe it is very predictable as to surprise your guests or special guest. So for them, today we give a great idea to decorate the table on Valentine resorting to pink, and as always the flowers and candles.

Valentine floral decoration

No need to get too formal and not spend much, we must seize the items that are available such as flowers and light candles and lay hand of some details like a pink tablecloth combine in this table decoration for Valentine, with a central black detail.

The basic details of the decor is the use of pink to decorate the table on Valentine, a color that is always romantic and in this case combines beautifully with the white dishes and some of the cute flowers centerpiece , which also is enhanced with pink bow detail around the vase.

But other relevant details of this decoration for Valentine, are candles that we know give an elegant look but also full of romance small white candles in glass tumblers in low or crystal chandeliers. They look good and light in deep soft ideal venue for a special day such as love.

In addition, the floral detail is present in the way you have placed the silverware, tying a black ribbon and placed a small bouquet of what could be a rosebud or a carnation, you decide if we would be inclined by a carnation pink, because it is cheaper and lasts longer without losing its flavor and shape.

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