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Trick to hide the router

Good morning friends! In today’s space you leave a neat trick that will help conceal the router to your computer. If you think your decor router fails, you can find a decorative solution to prevent unsightly look and left.

Trick to hide the router

Particularly my router and I quite like it plain, white and minimalist can give a pass, but some are not so router and if you want it to look, by the fact that it is … today we leave this little solution that can be as more attractive.

To find a solution, we have more on hand than it looks. In this case we only need an old book, of those with a hard cover. If you do not need and does nothing but hang around your house, you can now have a nice finish. We also need to get hold of a box cutter or any sharp object to help us cut without any problems.

To begin, open the book by one of the covers and then spent the cutter inside, right in the area where the leaves are attached to the cover above. Whether you are stuck or sewn cutter passes. Then open free to the rear and do exactly the same as we have explained. We’ll see how the book follows their lids smoothly without them breaking.

When you are ready and tops trimmed, enter the router. Covering it with them! If you have satellite, you can open holes in the covers and get them out there. We left the top cover to make it look the book and the author.

As we see this solution is perfect for decorative retro style environments, especially depending on how the book, If we have a will drawn camera ideal.

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