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Tips for painting the bathroom

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave a few great tips to paint the bathroom. If you’ve never changed the bathroom and not knowing what color decide today you have some suggestions. To get an idea of how to paint a bathroom we must build on the existing colors of the tiles and the rest of the elements that are being used. From then on we will list the tones that could be in accordance with existing ones.
If the tiles are light in color and with a different tone and detail in blue or pink the ideal in this case would be to paint the walls the same color highlight of the tiles i.e. blue or pink to create a lively atmosphere. In many cases the tiles are only white. In these situations high-contrast color such as brown green purple or candy make colors stand out much more and this provides a more attractive and daring to the bathroom.

One of the most used colors for the bathrooms is blue. The blue or various shades of blue combined together and white create a very nice and cool effect. Not always used tiles for the bathrooms. In these situations it is very well paint the walls with simple combinations of colors such as green and white. It is a common choice decorates with two colors in these environments.

The strong colors are bold and original but it is often difficult to work with them and combine them properly. Colors like wine or dark blue with a bathroom look good but in many cases it will be difficult to integrate with the rest of the elements and can be overwhelming shortly.

A modern bathroom playing with colors is achieved very different. In these cases it is best to keep trying combinations of colors with the color wheel. This way you can find a nice color combinations and original not usually seen in most bathrooms.

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