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Tips for painting a room

Good morning friends in the space now we leave you with some tips to paint any room in your home. If you plan to change a bit the look of your home or any room, in particular leave these little tips. If you’ve never painted sure you’ll have little questions in your head for it is better to get some information about this topic.

painting a room

For professional results and your wall is great, you should consider these suggestions, it could help to work as a professional and get the ideal result without causing chaos in your space. The first step is to prevent your furniture moldings or floor is stained with paint it is advisable to cover them with plastic blankets and tape thus will avoid double work and protect her in an accident.

Another thing to consider is, get an idea of ​​what the outcome conducting a color test in a small space if you do any design or will you use any template you will try to see if the way you want to avoid an unexpected result. You might want to change a dark tone to a lighter shade the best thing to do is apply a coat of white paint so the color will be much better and the key will not be affected.

Finally, try to check the condition of the walls if the surface is clean and undamaged begins to paint in case you do have any cracks or crack will recommend matching done that removes dust and start. In the next article we will post some more tips or suggestions and help you paint all your spaces without incident or doubt.

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