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Tips for choosing the screen for bath

As you know, both the shower and the tub needed a key to the rest of the bathroom not fill with water and to preserve privacy. We are talking about the curtains or screens.

tips for choosing the screen for bath

If you’ve decided on the screens, you may have noticed that in the market there are lots of different models, but it is essential to choose the most appropriate for each bathroom. You know what is best for yours? Here we help you make no mistake in choosing.


First, it is important to know that the screens can be made of acrylic or glass tempered. The latter is more noble, but also more expensive. It is also recommended that panels are made secure to avoid danger. In contrast, acrylics are adapted to form circular plates may become very thin at the time of moving them. For profiles, find stainless steel, aluminum or PVC, cheaper materials.

Leaves of partition

Another aspect to consider is the number of leaves. On one hand, the partitions may have a blade that is fixed to the wall with a hinge. Typically covering the bath or shower in the area where the taps and a little more. Then there are the leaf blades. The market also finds sheet screens folding, which operate in two or more sheets that can be deployed at will or withdraw into themselves. Finally, there are leaf sheets slide, which overlap one another to gain access to the shower and deployed when the toilet.

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