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The distribution of cooking that suits you

Are you going to reform your kitchen and do not have clear what distribution is best for you? Today you will discover in! It is very important to choose the right type of distribution to get a kitchen functional and comfortable. What is important is that ultimately the whole is in harmony with the room in which you are located so you must consider both your tastes and available space. Here we talk about the different types of distributions of cuisines.

The distribution of cooking

Online or “L”

The online kitchen is the most simple and extending longitudinally on a single wall, and no corners. It is widely used in narrow kitchens that do not allow you to place furniture on either side. In addition, it is ideal for homes where the living room and kitchen share space. Meanwhile, kitchens “L” are the ones available on two fronts together by the corner. It’s perfect for cooking small.

“U” or parallel fronts

Kitchens ‘U’ is arranged in three states continued for two fronts and corner modules. This solution enables you to maximize the space, making it ideal for small-sized housing. There is also the option of cooking two fronts’ parallel spaces ideal for long and narrow. Just do not give a sense of tube, it is better to have the upper cabinets on either side of the entrance to the kitchen.

With island, peninsula or other

On the other hand we found the cooking island, which have a low core module around which we can move while the furniture is high on the walls. To have a kitchen like this is essential to have a minimum of space and is recommended in square spaces. The kitchen with peninsula differs in that it remains attached to the rest of the kitchen on one side.

You can also choose the kitchen with breakfast bar can be divided into “L” or “U” especially in small kitchens that lack room, kitchen with two perpendicular fronts and islands multifunction which has built a dining table or breakfast bar in addition to the cooking area.

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