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Textiles exotic inspiration

Although this aesthetic has many followers, there are also many people who like it but it seems excessive and it is a shame because gladly adopt some details but not the decoration.

You know that you always repeat that the trends are to interpret them, so that we adapt to what we want and we think the exotic decor is a good example of this. Today we bring you a manner subtle to make your home a little more exotic without losing its identity.

Textiles exotic

Textiles for decoration

The importance of textiles in our space is undeniable, and not only because they perform certain functions also because it determines the style in which have we impregnated our home. In addition it is perfect to have a certain decor touches without being excessive.

The exotic decor is very blunt, but can soften if only adapt own textiles using this style to our usual decor. Go into the game mix styles are one of the best options to have a little bit of everything and not give up anything.

A good solution may be to adopt a curtain of gauze, inspired by the nets used in Africa, in an ocher and combine, for example, with cushions of oriental inspiration , colorful silk and a rug in the style minimalist Skin Japanese and Thai wall decorating inspiration.

Also, you can choose to have table linen Hindu inspiration or perhaps that permeates the traditions of distant islands like Hawaii. The colors are also a good way to include an exotic touch, playing with pearly shades of oranges reds, greens and yellows.

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