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Small apartment very well resolved

Sometimes we think we need a lot of space to live, but the reality is that we can develop our everyday lives successfully with far fewer square feet than we think. More important than the amount of space is the quality of it and how well it is spent.

very well resolved small apartment

As shown, today we want to show an apartment of only 40 square meters that was designed for two people in it to live: a mother and her six year old daughter. They soon realized that they had all the space they needed; such was the use of every corner.

Clean lines and neutral colors

To begin we must say that we chose, from the beginning, by a serene decor, soft, light and uncluttered environments none harass, already discounted. We chose neutral colors and soft, white, light wood for flooring. The contrast came from the hand of the couch, a gray almost black, and living room furniture in dark wood.

One wall of the room was used to place a desk long run, as the child, school age; she needs a place to study. As long, mother and daughter can use it at once. In the upper cabinets were arranged to maintain the visual order. The doors are white, smooth and without handles to make it up on the wall.

For decorative unit criteria

The kitchen is small and the room is separated only by a wall light. It used the contrast between white and dark wood, and in the lounge. Using the same criteria throughout the home decorative seems a wise move, as it brings a sense of unity so necessary in an apartment a few meters.

Another idea is to make space “grow” in the bathroom were installed sanitary suspended. Besides ease of cleaning, the bathroom looks more spacious.

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