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Silicone box for Valentine

Good morning friends! We all know that here in Decoration 2.0 we love decorating with mirrors. Or at least add this article in any corner of our home.Decorating with mirrors offers many possibilities, environments both indoors and outdoors. These are items that beautify spaces and make them true protagonists.

Silicone box for Valentine

It is very important to place mirrors correctly; otherwise there is a risk of providing the opposite of what we want is space, light, light. Consider what to see reflected in and tries to put a stay careful of other objects. Focused on the window and will look great bright space.

If we place a large mirror on the floor, see how giving greater feeling of spaciousness to the room. This is perfect for places few square meters and smaller rooms.

Mirrors are the most stylish accessories; we market a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles to decorate. You can have them unframed framed thin, thick, ancient, modern, painted in all colors, wood, metal.

Thin frames are ideal for decorating large rooms of minimalist style. You can choose it in a similar vein to the wall. If you prefer to give a vintage touch to your stay, better choose a gold-framed mirror that will give a lot more personality and strength to the environment.

You see it is easy to decorate with mirrors, but if you place them correctly. You playing with mirrors to give a dynamic space data grams of space light personality and elegance.

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