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Side table made of vinyl

You will know now about how to decorate your spaces with recycled materials.

This time we made as a side table with a vinyl record. If you’ve found a vinyl that is damaged or simply intend to get rid of it, today we recommend you to recycle. Recycle vinyl can be done in many different ways, but here we leave this great side table.

vinyl side table

It is the most practical and looks great in the living room, in the bedroom or in any of your rooms. Its decorative effect is hypnotic, has a natural beauty that we can use to make this beautiful table.

It is also convenient because we can put the home phone or a lamp, ideal to put anything you need to have on hand. You see the vinyl record has been incorporated into a beautiful iron base in black. You can do something similar, if you’re not black forge and you can use a wooden structure.

If you have enough structure to fix it so we can enjoy a great and functional side table for all travelers. Its style home personality and will provide an atmosphere as special. We love to recycle, you know, and here you have a better idea.

It will also help to inspire you to make your own creations. If you liked please do it, you’ll see why more dramatic results. You can put them as bedside tables as table next to the couch in a living room and reading table, to support the book, etc.

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