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Seat rope

Hello friends, in the space of today we leave a great idea belonging to the Campana Brothers. This seat rope certainly inspired by recycling and in one of the most unique designs we’ve seen. If you have a bit of thread how about doing something similar. You can also try making your own first steps and achieve a work inspired by this concept, idea or whatever you call this combination of originality and simplicity.

Notice how with just a long rope and a structure chair, has managed to combine both materials and achieve a harmonious final work. Not sure if it more or less comfortable but I can say that gives a powerful and attractive visual effect. The vibrant red gives passion and may be the right color for the style you are looking for really.

But remember you have many colors to choose from even if you like rustic settings you can line the seat or seat with a rustic string type. Depending, no strings white, red, green, blue, yellow just think of the color that would suit your decor.

It’s an idea that seems pretty original for different environments. Surely if you are motivated, either way the end result sure becomes a piece of furniture that captures all eyes.

If you want to make it functional and practical adds a cushion or pillow. But if you want to display it as a decoration do not put anything just let the strings speak.

As you see it is a fairly bright and also can recycle the strings you have at home. Thinking well you can even tie different strings, different textures and colors.

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