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Saving Energy, Home decor and You

Several concepts that can say a lot about a person and each other, slightly connected but with different directions come together. The result is a quiz that promises to give important insight about yourself and your priorities. The quiz is supposed to test the person´s character by presenting him with three option questions that are related to the house and energy. More specifically the person has to choose how he or she would act in certain situations or how he or she would feel and what he or she would think. Of course for the quiz to give accurate results the person has to answer honestly without using the objectivity of knowing which answer is the morally correct one. All this because there is not a single correct answer as usual with these tests.

In my opinion the quiz is actually pretty well done. What it lacks in variety it makes up in specificity and accuracy to make the testee choose the answers that will depict their personality in the save energy project and their vews on decoration in general. E.ON’s saving energy quiz might seem farfetched but it could potentially lead to ideas about saving energy home improvements or saving energy ideas related to the house and several appliances of home. This is what got me interested and what I liked about the quiz. At first it seems like a simple question-answer process but while thinking about my answers I came up with some ideas and at the same time tried to be more aware of myself and the choice that I can make to change things, starting from the house and next of my life that may need improvement.


 Now to go over the Home quiz more analytically, the setting is always the home, either yours or a friend’s. All the questions feature an option related to jealousy or envy, sometimes resulting in an action to outdo the other party. This seemed very natural in for me. As a matter of fact many people I know would sincerely choose this option. This doesn’t mean anything negative about them, but only that they would require a change of some sort. The result proves this. Saving energy in your home is something very productive that can help a person feel more fulfilled. This realization could help the person deal with the envy of missing something that others have or it could inspire them to make something even better with what he or she has.

In all the questions there is also always a very positive answer that reveals a very cheerful outlook on life. Few people are able to honestly always choose this option but the ones that do are probably the ones that makes most of their lives and of course most of what their house’s space and energy. The quiz is smart but I think a couple more questions would make it even greater. The outlay of the quiz should remain the same but the options could be more distinct from each other. All in all I believe a lot of people will be pleased and acknowledge the results of the quiz even if they feel unsure about their answers.

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