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Rustic Style Tips

Good morning friends! We will give some basic tips to create environments rustic. If you like the rustic style, here we leave these most basic criteria to begin with this style so charming. We need to create environments warm, simple, inspiring comfort and strength… It uses warm colors. These provide quality to the environment, just that you paint the walls or ceiling in ground color elements.


The colors natural are those that we see in nature such as earth tones, red, and brown, green, gray as the stones. Its not be better to add a rustic touch with these colors.
Any of these colors inspire our spaces. Also avoid very bright colors and shades. Do not want to add to the space saturated colors.

To add a touch of contrast used other colors in textiles, pots, pillows, blankets, vases or playing with flower. The materials we use to complete the decoration will be those found in nature, such as stone, wood or natural fibers. Glass and wood is one of our favorites as well create warm and giving breadth home.

The stone floor is perfect for both the rustic kitchens, bathrooms or rooms as similar. Solutions are the most interesting, charming and attractive finish. Among them we can choose ceramic, glazed earthenware or stoneware painted. Leave the details view as accessories with antique touches. These can be wooden spoons, copper pans, glass bottles green coffee, baubles … etc.

Add natural touches using wildflowers, herbs; you can also play with dried flowers. But will natural aroma and color. You can also use vegetables, fruits and other plants that you like. These can put them both in the living room, like the kitchen or any room in your home with a rustic touch.

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