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Rustic Bedroom in blue

Good morning friends! Today we talk about how to give a different touch to our spaces with a nice blue color. The range or the range of blue hues is very extensive and they can learn how to decorate your space with a touch of the more special.


Today we speak of a bedroom and quite rustic! As shown in the picture is completely wooden floor and ceiling has a number of beams of the same material.

It’s a beautiful bedroom that has many possibilities in the decoration. Due to the shape of the roof and the beautiful wooden beams we can use it in many ways. Today we do with the color blue, a beautiful tone that will relax in the room. Remember that colors help create emotions and feelings. For bedrooms is highly recommended blue and green.

Here we combine modern color with a rustic style. As you can see its nothing complicated symbiosis that has been done this color is very compatible with wood as main material. If you see the blue color has been applied on the ceiling and walls. In the four walls the blue is the main character reflecting calm and quiet.

The floor and the remaining elements are wood decor. The beams can also paint it if we like the result. Although I am in favor of leaving the color of the wood It also plays a lot with lighting both natural light and artificial light plays an important role within this space.

The bedroom has multiple windows and small windows through which natural light enters. Curtains if you look also blue. To highlight white bed also features a wood headboard and painted in blue. Like the bedside tables and lamps are blue which bring a touch of artificial light.

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