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Roof Garden : garden built on the roof

The garden is a garden built on the roof itself, known as “hanging”, as the famous gardens of ancient Babylon, said to be wonderful. Even a green roof can be wonderful and not only aesthetically: upgrading the environment and enhances the economic value of a house. In short, this is an innovative and full of benefits.

The hanging garden made up boxes, homes or warehouses, could provide a direct contact with nature, often in cities you can not have, to improve the internal climate of the houses, but also immediately outside and also allows you to recover unused space such as covers precisely the garage or flat roofs of the top floors.

What information is a green roof?

On a flat roof is made of a complex layering of materials, each with a specific function:

* First, the first layer that is encountered is the insole; It not only has a supporting function, but must also provide the 2% slope for water drainage.

* Second is ‘sacoustic insulation, Lying on the slab: it is a layer of glass wool, rock wool or polyurethane foam panels, weighing about 30 Kg / mc, with a vapor barrier is required when the green is built on a roof or on a terrace of a house, to avoid condensation within the same.

* after the sound insulating material, we find ‘Waterproofing: This is a bitumen with the addition of resins , reinforced with a fiberglass mat with a thickness of 3-4 mm, the surface must be perfectly bonded to the substrate, sized flame along its entire extension, and not only joints. This sheath also prevents the roots to infiltrate the base. The weight of the sheath is between 10 and 20 kg / m.

* the protection layer, Inserted between the waterproofing and drainage layer is made of geo-textile and must protect the insulating layers and the structure of the building.

* the drainage layer never measure less than 4 cm in thickness, it has a dual function: to remove excess water and provide water supply during drought periods, usually the drainage layer is composed of plates printed in recycled plastic, and ecological.

* above the drainage layer is a cloth filter, Which prevents the material for the substrate to come down and clog the drainage layer: it consists of a membrane of tissue in direct contact with the ground.

* the network of roots, Plastic and consists of coarse to which the roots can cling to give the plants greater Anchorage area is used for shrubs, and fixed to the perimeter walls, with a total weight of 25-30 kg / m.

* Finally, the real growing medium consisting of a mixture of potting soil lightened with expanded clay small particle size, lapilli and pumice, bark and peat, and these materials will improve aeration and drainage and retains moisture in the right way.

Benefits of green roof:

Let’s see in detail what exactly are the benefits of a green roof, both from the standpoint of environment and community, both from the individual point of view of your home:

* Water Balance:
the green roof can retain up to 70% of the rains to return the water to the environment in the form of water vapor, so it slows down the flow of water to the canals of disposal and you are contributing to the water regime.

* Air cleaner:
the green roof can seal up to 20% of harmful dust that circulate in the air, as these are fixed on the leaves covered by their distinctive layer of moisture.

* Noises muffled:
the turf is made of materials that have properties such as sound absorption; strikes in the home so the noise of 8 dB.

* Temperatures Mitigated:
reduces heat loss in winter, but fades in the summer heat, the costs of heating-cooling are controlled.

* Longer Covers:
green waterproof liner protects from weather and temperature changes, and then extend over time the integrity of the cover below.

The environment gains from the roof garden:

Green roofs are a great help to the environment, especially the city, just a few of the reasons listed above: the improvement of air quality, water balance, the thermal regulation of buildings. It also follows a great save energy, which not only lighten the wallet of the inhabitants of a house in the long run, it helps further the environment in terms of consumption of non-renewable energy and reduction of discharges filled with toxins and harmful gases, as well as also a decrease in heat loss and the resulting greenhouse effect.

For all these reasons, the interest in green roofs is growing more and more throughout Europe, from Germany, and is penetrating in Italy.

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