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Restore a rickety table

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with this great idea to restore a table old which has not been used by being slightly rotated. Prior to disposal has decided to try to restore it but giving an aesthetic completely different than it had before. As you can see in the images we see a table whose board is damaged by the passage of time and usage.
The surface was pretty bad so why not line it with a pretty fabric? You can also use a bit of glue and water and so attach nice wallpaper as we have done sometimes. But this time love me explain a little how to make this great wonder so do not throw a table that can help decorate a terrace and a nice patio.

A table that can be used outdoors, as it is made of iron but as the passage of time has torn a bit, you can always take a layer. If you have a similar table the first thing you should do is remove the board can help some tools and gloves.

Then we cleaned everything well both the board like structure. If you want you can paint the color structure that you like in this case are black. After working with the board as we have done before, clean it well and put it upside down impurities on a surface plant.
Now take a durable fabric that you can put in outside even be canvas fabric. Choose the pattern that you like and go.

Now the fabric located below the surface of the tabletop. After stretching well and we just have to fix it on the edges the area below to not display. You can fix it with special glue with tacks or any other item that serves to attach the fabric. Try to tighten it well, so it is not wrinkle. Finally remount the board on the structure and ready. You can add a nice glass to avoid damaging the fabric.

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