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Renewing the cushions

Good morning friends! In the space of today we have a great and fantastic idea to renew all our cushions and pillows from home. No matter what size you are, it’s a better idea of what I’ve found in a while. While aware of this, today we decided to write because it seems nice, original and a great way to recycle shirts.


You probably have many shirts at home that you no longer wear well because you are good size, because it has been a long time and are no longer trend, because they are damaged or because you’ve oration of them. If so, you can always turn to line cushions and pillows with shirts. But not only do this with shirts, also perfect to do with sweaters

You have and do not wear T-shirts and all kinds of textiles! It’s a fantastic idea, and not only is recycled but we have one more way to decorate all our cushions. For those who want to change them and give your look a touch of color to the bedroom, the living room or other rooms, is a perfect activity.

If you have a shirt, open it, simply enter the cushion inside and cut the shirt where you see. You can let the buttons, pockets and will design the friendliest and original. Then you just have to sew, you can do it by hand or machine. Try putting a zipper, is very easy to put on and it will help us a lot when cleaning the liner.

Over time we will probably have to wash the liner, in this case the t-shirt or jersey with which foremost pad, so it will be more practical addition of an end zipper.

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