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How to recycle plastic

You know that we all are strong proponents of recycled products, restoring furniture and objects that we recycle at home by providing longer life before disposal.

recycle plastic

Surely in your home will have plastic bottles and normally you usually throw. But today we will show how to avoid throwing plastic bottles and make this wonderful lamp.

It’s fun to do, but the approach is quite simple. With a little patience and enthusiasm, sure you can do this and other designs. A lamp recycled at home, to give atmosphere.

You see the result is most extraordinary. If you look at the picture we see the foundations of many bottles. But the effect is beautiful.

It is very easy to prepare everything, just collect as many bottles as you want or need and you can do more or less large lamp.

Once you have them wash them well and let dry. Bottles can use one, two or several colors, the transparent or bushy, whatever.

Now take a cutter and cutting the bottom of the bottle i.e., the base. Cut out as many bases as you need.

Once you have them, see mounting them and setting each other a rounded structure. Use silicone or something similar to fix the pieces. Remember it is very important to leave a hole, as this will introduce the bulb.

Now that we have the structure in place, let dry. While become a lamp structure, may be of some you have at home and it is ugly so also recycle.

Place the bulb and locate the new tulip we have created with these plastic bottles we had at home, already listed, use caution not too hot bulbs.

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