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Paint the room with fresh colors

If you plan to change the color of the walls of your living room is important that you consider one thing: you must make the key contribution chosen visual balance to the room. This can get with three simple keys: study well the characteristics of your living room choosing the range that best suits you and, finally set the tone with which you paint concrete walls.

room with fresh colors

The most important thing is to not get carried away by a trend or an environment that you liked without thinking if this color really suits your room. Before choosing think about the size brightness the floor the furniture the view … To make you easier to choose the final color it’s best to think of ranges. We want to help you out and that is why we talk of colors fresh.

Still, freshness and joy

Within the range of colors found fresh pale blue, apple green, aqua, lavender or pink, among others. Think that if you opt for these tones you will also be bringing nature to your living room especially if you have sea or mountain views. And these colors will help to prolong the exterior views in the classroom.

In addition these colors will bring freshness to your living room especially if you get many hours of direct sunlight and get a cheerful and relaxed.


These colors have other advantages. For example support fabrics with color balance the role of the walls. The flowers or geometric patterns that repeat the tones of the walls and have a neutral background will be ideal. Instead pads and other items that you wish to feature can be the same color as the walls but in a darker shade.

As for the furniture you should know that connect well with the woods looking hot as cherry. Furthermore the plant fibers in furniture and other elements combine perfectly with these colors.

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