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Oven Options

Most kitchen set ups revolve around an oven and a cook top set in the same place- you know the layout: 4 burners, gas or electric, set above a 30 inch oven. However if you are considering purchasing some more kitchen appliances or if you are remodelling your entire kitchen then there are other layout options available that may suit your needs better than the standard.

Space will always be high on the list of considerations; I’d love a wood burning pizza oven in my home but unfortunately a one bedroom flat doesn’t quite have the space. However if you plan wisely you will be surprised at what you can fit in.

Raised Oven

If you cut loose your oven from its usual resting place under the hobs you may find that you can get more versatility from your kitchen. Many people enjoy the comfort of having a raised oven that doesn’t require you to bend down to use (those with bad backs I’m talking to you). Often a good combo is to have both your oven and your microwave set into a wall unit stacked on top of one another. This will also give you some room to manoeuvre between your hobs and your oven.

Double Ovens

What is better than an oven? Two of course! If you have a larger kitchen or do a large amount of cooking then having two ovens is a real bonus. Using two ovens stacked on top of each other set into a kitchen unit (like the aforementioned raised oven) is a popular choice. Many oven makers even provide such two-oven units, so you don’t necessarily need to buy two separate ovens. Otherwise you can space them at different ends of the kitchen, especially handy if there are two of you cooking: it means you won’t be on top of one another. The cooking advantages to having two ovens are endless- two ovens mean that you can cook things independently at different temperatures. It really comes into its own when you are hosting a dinner party or cooking a roast!

Add a Warming Drawer

Another great option is the triple stack of oven, microwave and warming drawer. Due to the tall dimensions of this setup it is only really suitable mounted into the wall. Put it next to other tall pieces (i.e. you fridge freezer) so it doesn’t dominate the space too much. Many people use this setup with a standard range oven set under the hobs to get the aforementioned benefits of two ovens. Go on, have your cake and eat it too.

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