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Offices full of color

Following our section of the best offices in the world to work today we come to the offices of the same, the largest and in offices that it has put its employees is impossible not to find inspiration. Because if lively colors positively affect our concentration and our creativity working in an environment like this where the joy is present in every corner it is impossible not to be carried away by imagination and develop amazing products.
A unique atmosphere, striking and different from others and we personally think you have achieved by far it is the first time we see an imaginative work space. We do not know if you remember a movie of one or two decades ago in which he started talking about computers or data transmission, and in which they imagined as wiring inside had pixels and more pixels. Well that’s the feeling we conveyed to me this office, because it is full of 3D giant objects in which the color is responsible for giving even greater animation.

Talking about some characteristics of the offices, the building is found in St. Petersburg and in it the search has more than 3,000 square feet to distribute work spaces all employees. If you look at the pictures you will see how really giant objects symbolize the daily elements of life of a programmer with symbols, keyboard parts, web objects, etc.

Something very original considering to what kind of people running walking through the offices can feel that you’re in the same search. And not all the items you see are decorative, huh? Many of them contain functional spaces as meeting places or rest other hiding places of production, etc.

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