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Nordic style in your decor

Good morning friends, today we leave you with the Nordic style to decorate the favorite spots of our home. It is a great choice when you want to add a different touch, a touch or open spaciousness in the rooms. Particularly this kind of style we love although we have not in my house. We ponder often on decorating in this way at least some of my home stays.
If you’re looking to decorate the bedroom living room or any other room in the house with this kind of style today we want to share some tips. Try to be well informed when pretend to change the style of your house, so you give the key to the best decoration.
And speaking of keys, here are some to enter this beautiful style in every corner of your home.

The Nordic style plays key or special criteria for these Scandinavian touches. If you like straight lines, Nordic style is correct. Also perfect to brighten dark environments. If you have large windows, this style will enhance the brightness and so also look much more the floor. It is very important that you follow some criteria to decorate properly.

One of the points that we should look is in the soil and choosing the paint on the walls. Think the star of the rooms, must be white. Walls therefore are critical in this color. By the light reflected in them, have the rooms looked bigger. Other colors used are light color schemes we also know what materials combine better with this decoration.

To get the most out of our rooms, the Nordic style using materials such as birch, beech or good laminate. Remember that the wood used, can lead will cool white tints. You can also use wooden furniture second-hand, so the decor will cheaper. Not unexpectedly, Nordic-style rooms finished in colors and neutral tones. These will see them in ceilings, walls, furniture and accessories.

The joinery tends to be white and wood tones are clear. However, to find some contrast in the rooms and splashes of color, we will in the supplement. These supplements basically textiles like cushions, carpets, blankets on winter days, bedspreads and more. Make good use of space, will be the best you can do. It is imperative to create this type of decoration. Remember the lines should be straight the colors are clear and always use the white protagonist.

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