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Neutral colors for decoration

Good morning friends, today we leave these tips to decorate with neutral colors and decor enrich it. We will talk about the combinations that can be made with cool colors, now give way to neutral. We must say that we like them enough to decorate almost any space. You have to be careful that they are not too drab or garish environments. But you can always combine them with other colors, so we will get a great balance.
We talk about how to reduce the impact of cold colors and shades they can be combined with neutrals. We think that is good advice and add life to our rooms. If you want to renew any of your rooms gray is a neutral as elegant. The gray color is perfect to give a different touch to your stay brings elegance and also gives a very special effect if you can combine it well.

You can try with intermediate shades in gray for the walls. Then combined with a nice white will film stay. Seize the cornices and moldings also can paint for example black and accompany a gray ceiling or walls. You can do many more combinations with other colors such as black and white classic. This set will give your decor a sparkling immense appeal and prominence.

In furniture, articles, textile accessories, ceiling, walls and floor you have so many things that you can play between black and white. Remember the color red, this passionate color palette ideal to add personality and vividness to the environments. The red socks with white, black, green color. You can also add, as we discussed earlier in textiles furniture and home accessories. A very beautiful combination will be a mid-gray with white and some furniture or natural wood as a base

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