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Natural Decoration

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave a beautiful way to decorate any space naturally our home. Today, in particular is an idea aimed at a small lounge but you can also take this concept to almost any part of your home. It is also easy if you love nature think of the idea of decorating with natural materials. Among these materials is logical to find wood stone or glass.
It is therefore a good idea to decorate our home with this type of material, if we want to provide a much more natural. Today we leave this great photograph, where we can see a small space but with a criterion such that it seems, much bigger. To help make the space look airy, the walls and ceiling are painted in a nice white color.

As there are not many windows just one little this color will be the best choice since the light will bounce and everything brighter. Another great idea is to tap the rafters but this time, have been left in a nice wood color in this way naturally invites and rusticity at home. The main color is brown or beige perfect to combine with white color. The only color that stands out is the green of the plant otherwise both of furniture such as pillow scale is brown to white.

A companied by a beautiful fireplace has been around some great sofa wooden stumps. Some bigger than others perhaps for use as tables or small banks these stumps give a special touch. Finally we allude to the ground so beautiful, certainly the perfect picture for the most natural environment and rustic.

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