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Mistakes to avoid for a decoration trend in

As the time in 2013 are writing a new chapter in the field of decoration. Discover everything you need to know, and especially do not do, tend to be.

decoration trend

Do not bet on sophisticated
If the preceding years had already set the tone by citing a critical need for a return to the sources, the year 2013 will undoubtedly be the year of nature in terms of decoration. It is a very strong trend that appears in all parts of the house. The kitchen and living room furniture delight of raw wood, a natural material that is both warm, comforting and design.

Accessories and decorative objects also begin to tune in bearing, as seen at the Salon Maison & Objet, canvas bags, jute suspensions bamboo, linen tablecloths. Same inspiration for the bedroom and bathroom with soils that are heavily loaded with crude wooden floors even coatings that wear bright colors for even more brightness, lighting clean lines. Rugs, throws and pillows in the same tone finish infusing your rooms this wind “Zen” that blows your decor!

Do not abandon natural materials
Another major trend of the moment, natural materials is needed around the house. A 100% natural spirit reflected by tissue as soft as mohair or alpaca particularly covers your cushions, your sofa above. Atmosphere with Scandinavian accents also highlighted by the elegance of wood, cork found in furniture but also in decorative everyday.

Do not deprive yourself of the color
If the minimalist style and neutral tones remain valid, color signs a comeback in 2013! Back with a bang as the flashy stormed pots of paint and wallpaper. Peppy colors for your walls that are also found in decorative but also bed linen, kitchen accessories, bathroom. Side prints, geometric patterns and graphic still popular on condition used sparingly. The colors, themselves, dress in emerald green, a color that seems to impose widely followed by yellow, purple and orange. Imagine what the interiors tangy and very spring!

Do not throw
Make an ode to nature, recycle … everything! The eco-concept is another big trend of 2013. Recycle everyday objects becomes less a way of living and thinking. Recycle to reinvent and join in a responsible citizen, a major Paris this year in terms of decoration. A fashion which raises another: retro vintage remix art or antiques.

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