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Mailbox shaped decorative bird

Good morning friends, today we leave these mailboxes as nice bird. Honestly we find most curious items to decorate our garden so as even some of our interior rooms. If you like different decor, of course that these mailboxes may be what you’re looking for. Pigeons represent traditional but its form is made from straight lines. In a way a bit special, these friendly birds can become the center of the decoration.
Made of wood and multi-colored you can choose the one you like. We know that mailboxes are to receive mail and you can use if you have a farm or a nice house, maybe a house. But no matter if you have no garden, a plot or a place to put it as is usually seen.

We think these objects can also be integrated into interior decorating. In a way, the most original surprises us once again with these items whose silhouette is a beautiful pigeon a fully functional mailbox where letters housed in wooden body and metal structure. You see the small body, the bird, is where you will find the mail everything is upright in a wooden post with the help of small metals to fix.

You can find it in many different colors for those who like colorful decor. This way you will see it in black, yellow, red, orange and a long etcetera. In the upstairs area which simulates a wing, you can put the newspaper or magazine. It also has details like eyes unmistakable to know that is a bird, decorating the place!

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