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Living room with natural lighting

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with this charming room full of color and attractive lighting. Essentially the space is decorated in colors clear both ceilings floors and furniture ranging from the whites to beige shades. The contrast has been sought with the color red this beautiful color full of care, attractive, full small spaces as dyes in some tables and some accessories.

If you look at the area on the left, the wall just one wall is painted with this wonderful color. It is true that red has been applied in a darker shade, there is a vibrant red. On the other hand, you know that in any space is very important to enlightenment if it has no focal points of seeking to produce. Stay just no lighting, it is rather creepy. You can not allow in the lounge no light, rather obscure if you can put some windows and a beautiful skylight. This time the light problem has been solved with this. If would like to know brief information about luxury homes decor you could visit
natural lighting

As you can see above there are several skylights a round and rather large and the other based on the same roof strips. Besides the two windows which have splendid views and lots of light makes between places that surely without all this it would be quite dark? It seems important to note that both furniture and accessories and other plays with clean lines cuts also very clean and straight but combined with curved lines.

In the skylights the same one is a perfect circle while the remaining three are rectangular. The table is low and plays with curves like sofa and TV cabinet. The organizer also has these curves. For when it is cold does not hurt to have a carpet in the living room, or wherever you need it in this case playing with a colored pattern and curves attention.

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