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Living in a sloping attic

If you ask anyone if they would like to live in an attic most will say yes. And if, in addition, the attic is a space attic probably fight over it. We think there is a space with more character and personality than an attic and then watch this space we bring you today, you refuse to live in one sure.

This charming penthouse is located in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden and is a perfect inspiration for those that you have a similar space or failing that a loft bedroom.

sloping attic

A penthouse dream

A space airy and open, very bright and with a detail that does not go unnoticed: A sloping roof. It is a simple and straightforward description of this lovely apartment. With a very Nordic décor with white as the predominant color, this space is well utilized.

Having a roof of this type can subtract certain functionality to stay, but in this case, the arrangement of furniture , large windows and being a completely open space contribution detail make this much charisma.

It should be noted that, given the form of space, fully elongated, have gaps between the different areas could reduce immensely the feeling of spaciousness. Normally the attics are usually rather rectangular spaces, allowing dividing the space.

If you live in a penthouse small size and the characteristic roof, it is best to opt for a fresh, simple decor. In this case the fireplace adds a homey touch, but as it is not very common to find in any apartment you can opt for a light warm and have candles or light dots fabric. Be seduced by a space rustic in the middle of the city.

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