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Linen Frame Decor

Though it may sound strange in these festive days when the linen is one of the absolute stars there are times when you do not know what to choose as some may be too festive tablecloths for more meetings informal.

A good choice is checkered tablecloths as it provides a point of elegance at the same time has a certain touch of nonchalance. If you have a snack or a meal with friends than label bet on this print timeless.

Linen Frame

A timeless classic

Inspired by the classic Scottish tartan this pattern is a perfect choice to have a bottom drawer in the linen closet. The varieties of colors and endless combinations that can be performed with the same tables make the wildcard star.

Whether you have a gala dinner as if it is an informal meeting this option is completely valid because of the different styles they present. This print is old and exudes sobriety if tones are chosen dark like green or blue bottle night but as in recent years has become tartan trend using modern pastel colors like pink or yellow or even a dangerous duo in black and white perfect for any event.

Tartan is not the only option as far as pictures are concerned the picture Vichy is very fashionable too and once again the color is what makes the difference. We can choose the traditional color inspired by the French countryside or combinations striking like pink and brown.

What is clear is that if you want a good table linen this option is the best because it works as a wildcard in an emergency gala dinners and carefree. Ah! If you have to organize a children’s party they fail.

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