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Koloro Small workplace

Good morning friends! Today we present a great idea to bring work home or leave it.If you need an office in your residence, but do not have spaces and square meters. Today we will show you a great solution to your problem. Koloro is a small workplace where you need to spend time studying, writing, reading, or whatever you have to do.

Koloro Small workplace

Ideal for adults and children Koloro becomes a work center as competent. Thanks to its size can include narrower zones, places or few square meters, for instance, in classrooms.

Originality compression and organization of things, and it is striking. Torafu of architects, Koloro form part of a series of furniture made from plywood and colored polyester.

Her singing is laminated and is intended as a working tool, like a little private space that can be customized at will.The bucket in question measured 73.6 cm wide x 55.6 deep It 131.8 cm high. Besides the cube with four small windows which can be opened with an oscillating movement both within as to outside.

With a sympathetic handling of windows, using magnets, this small space is the most customizable. Here you have some pictures that you may have some idea.

Koloro has a stool and we can get everything in six different versions. In the seat it also has a drawer to get every corner and space of this cube.

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