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Keeping tidy bovine

Good morning friends, today we give you an ideal way to keep our bovine ordered yarn, string or wool. It’s a great idea because it is the most decorative and appealing for our homes. If you like to sew or do crafts, many materials can be sure of being served. Theirs is that these materials are properly stored but at the same time accessible at any time.
Keeping tidy
A works pace without any organization, it is more likely to reach the absolute chaos and do not find anything you seek. This idea seems original and at the same time, very decorative you can put in some shelves or racks. Choose some pots that have plastic or glass, if you do not you can always buy them are very economical and have a wide variety.

If you have them, use those with lids so you can do what you see in the image. This is not only an affordable way to get rope without the ball is on all sides or fall to the ground. You can also have access to the inside of the boat by removing the cover and changing the ball when it is finished. It is so easy to do you can have several in a few minutes. Just get as many jars as you want to store balls. Then you have to cut a hole in the center of the jar lid.

Make sure that the edges are facing inside or not to cut off to handle. Then pass the thread through the top, with the cattle in and leave a piece out. Then cover the jar and voila! Already have a perfect storage place to store everything you need, plus it is easier to do. You could even decorate the jars, if you want thus you can customize. This is based on what you like.

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