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Integrate recycling in your decor

Little by little we are raising awareness more and more on the importance of recycling , we live in a world driven by consumerism and but learn to reuse resources the future will not paint anything right. 1Integrate recycling in your decor Many times we blame the not recycled to the lack of space and many but not recognize that we do not find the way to integrate many cubes in decorating our kitchen but all this is easily solved which presents us with the brand Arregui its three lines of recycling bins built into furniture with attractive designs.

These recycling containers can be integrated as part of our decor from the Basic line made ​​of steel and available in gray or white through the online Basic Design with four design lines “Spring Rain, Soul Pink and Green Soul”. Finally the line Vario like the above but made ​​of lacquered steel with a stainless steel front ideal for finishing as integration of appliances. As you can see in the gallery proposed designs can integrate seamlessly with all kinds of styles and can fit as part of the furniture of our decor. Besides these recycle bins are arranged for wall anchor to gain stability a good solution to an anchor on the wall of the laundry garage etc. We also add convenience to your system Hinge opening which gives us an ease at the time of use. These fantastic recycling containers are available in different models that provide us with 2-4 cubes for storage and recycling.

You know recycle paper, glass, cans. And is not incompatible with the space or the design of our kitchen, with original and functional these proposals can decorate and recycle Arregui you have no excuses … Recycle the future is in your hands!

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