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Insulate attics: essential in winter

If during the colder months is very important that we have well equipped all rooms of houses, penthouses and lofts require special attention. Why? Simple: because warm air is lighter than cold and tends to rise.

insulate attics

If we heat our house and the air goes up by a cold attic or loft, we will be wasting money and wasting energy, precious to our planet.

So put yourself to work if you have an attic cold and soulless. In addition to preventing heat from escaping, if conditioned well you can enjoy a stay full of charm that will eventually become your favorite as pretty as these photos.

Curtains: the latest

This is a new range of curtains for maximum insulation designed to maximize energy efficiency of roof windows. It is due to the double pleated fabric, curtains reduce heat loss through the windows up to 34%. The air trapped within the honeycomb construction, together with an aluminum coating which surrounds the inner part, creates an effective thermal insulation.

Other highly effective steps

Besides these ingenious curtains, there are other things you can do to insulate your attic or loft. The walls with drywall and fiberglass laminate is always a good idea, but do not work you can also cover them with a frieze of slats of wood and cork or polystyrene placed between the frieze and wall. The warm floor carpets create vegetable, while the laminate flooring is beautiful, cheap, quiet and isolated. The carpet will help keep the heat in winter, and if your windows let the air but not change them, you have faced so far, do not hesitate to put weather stripping. The better the rubber: are more expensive, but the difference is a lot.

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