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Ideas to decorate a room childern

If you plan to decorate the bedroom of his small, still not sure where to start your blog today bedrooms with style offers five ideas for decorating a nursery. We hope it will be of assistance in your next interior decorating project. Security a child’s room should be for you. We do not refer only to the size of children’s bedroom but the safety and functionality. Care must be taken with materials that are natural and hypoallergenic, non-toxic paints and all the furniture rounded corners to avoid accidents. Nor should we forget the material of the carpet must be non-slip.
Colors the child’s bedroom should be lively, colorful, as is the world of children, but we can not fall for the hype. The ideal is to mix the colors of the furniture but to integrate the entire interior mostly pastel colors. If the room is a child does not necessarily have to be blue and pink for a girl let’s try colors like green, a color that creates calm atmosphere. You can also choose white for the walls and placing stickers on them that will make the environment livelier.

Decorative details: If you want to add a personal touch to the room of your little one can choose a bed of original design, in the market there are different models: cars, princess castles, etc. Pads can also find many shapes and sizes, for example caramel shaped cushions, airplanes, etc. The same can be done with the carpets.

Space to play: If space allows choose an area from the bedroom to play this area should be well organized especially to maintain order, for this, the baskets are an ideal for storing toys and keep the room tidy. Child room sharing: If two children must live in an environment it is best decorative solutions for small spaces such as bunk beds so you can save space and decorate a room that has everything you need for each cabinet’s shelves etc.

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