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Ideas for Christmas trees with household materials

The Christmas decorations have many aspects that are created to give a festive touch to different parts of the house. Of all these, the most popular is the Christmas tree , whose tradition seems that far from extinct, takes on greater weight year after year. This may be because there are not people who are not in favor of massive clear cutting, nor do them look nice with an artificial tree.

christmas decoration

For this reason, there are many who have caught “the middle way” and have decided to make their own Christmas tree with homemade materials. An idea that is especially suited to those who tend to decorate the rest of the year with a style based on recycling. For them and for those who want to see other very different to conventional designs, is this post today, to contribute ideas for holiday decorating very original.

Imagination and materials

In view of the pictures, we can see that some people have a lot of imagination and is able to make a Christmas tree home with all kinds of materials. The result is very original designs created from books, cardboard, bottles, newspapers, pillows, a simple ladder with lights, egg cartons, and even some hangers to decorate your window pyramidal geometry simulating famous fir. These and many other models that you create yourself and give the color and size that best suit your needs.

Linking Crafts

Another advantage is the fact of making your own Christmas tree is fun and Christmas spirit begin the process itself. Make crafts together is a great opportunity to spend time together and talk, making smaller house feel very integrated in decorating these days, because for them it is the most spectacular party of the year.

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