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Ideas Countertop Types

Good morning friends! In the space of today we’ll talk about some types of hob you can find in the market. I love the wood counter tops and, while not the most practical, market different products to keep them there.


In the market there are many types of counter tops materials and easy maintenance … also increasingly are treated to a long life of use in the kitchen is usually a very favorable environment for use.

Another type of counter top that never gets old is granite. They are natural, very resistant and easily cleaned, plus there are different shades.
These are people are not smooth, but are “spotted”. Although the best known is the gray granite, there is a pink tones are very nice. With wooden furniture look great and provide a very elegant.

Laminate counter tops, meanwhile, are agglomerated having an inner and outer layer has a surface that mimics the stone or wood. They are cheaper, but nowadays give a very good result and very collected. Its main advantage is that there are many shades and will not scratch or break.

Although Spain are not very common and are not yet well established in the market, the glass top gives an original touch to a kitchen. They provide plenty of light, making them ideal for kitchens with little natural light or contemporary kitchens and minimalist. There are opaque and transparent.

Finally, in Spain are popular brand Silt stone counter tops. It is made of quartz counter tops therefore have a very long durability and high resistance. They also have antibacterial protection and cleaning is simple.

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