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Idea to renovate a shelf

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with this lovely bookcase. Fully renovated we leave the picture to give you a small idea. We love to share all kinds of ideas and decorative options with you especially if it is to optimize our spaces. This time you see a beautiful bookcase somewhat marred by the passage of time and with colors that are to change.
The shelf is made of wood, is old and should be sanded to paint whole. When you do this operation uses two things one is the other gloves and good sandpaper. To make this easier you can always pull out the drawers and sand them apart. Try not to leave any loose detail. When finished clean well the furniture and wood dust remains. Now you are ready to paint the color you like.

This time the chosen color was white beautiful to decorate any bedroom, both children and adults. But to give it a more childish, the fund has also been changed. The golden color was not right we have changed this pink stick. If you have some wall paper or one that you like with a bit of glue can line the inside of the shelf off the shelves if you can.

This option is very interesting with a great end result. You can change the color of the furniture apply as many layers as necessary or change even the handles. The furniture can be transformed into a completely new our decor will suit the purpose. We leave the image of before and after so that you dig yourself a little glimpse.

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