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Idea to recycle plastic bottles

Hello friends, today we share space with an idea for recycling plastic bottles so easy and simple. The ultimate appeal of these bottles obvious we see how you can decorate any event like Christmas a birthday a spring party or any child space with only a few bottles.
If you like recycling and looking for ideas original today we share this wonderful proposal to do something with those plastic bottles you have at home.
Sure you have some soda and other beverages, making it very easy to start this activity. As you see is bottles plastic small size but also to do with the larger bottles. All you have to consider getting materials like paint any color you want or something sharp scissors, some brushes and little more. The first is to wash the bottles that we use. Then we let them dry and then proceed to cut.

Right now, the only thing we are interested in is the base or bottom of each bottle. Thus we cut these areas. Do as many as you like, and you can decorate individually with a single or make a small composition to hang make a garland or anything you can think of.
Once you cut the base of the bottle just have to paint with a brush and some paint what we want.

As you can see these are small snowflakes, ideal for winter but since its spring maybe you can change something e.g. paint some beautiful flowers. Remember you can use any color you like once finished let dry well and you can decorate with them. A garland luxury stay, you can make a picture, attach them to an item you want to decorate etc.

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