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Idea to illuminate with stones

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with these stones to illuminate all stays. It’s a good concept we think, when you want to introduce something of nature at home. The truth is that it is a great idea you can do at any time. In this case we can see it as a beautiful centerpiece which plays with the stone and sand.
illuminate with stones
It is ideal for natural environments and some what rustic or just where you want to have a natural touch. Really relaxes, the color of the stone, the way that have been each and that little candle surrounded by natural. The sand is very beautiful and the pideras are virtually the same color as the sand combine so beautifully. There is no trick to put a candle on a stone well we can always use some special tool to make a hole or hole and then insert it.

If it is true that candles can be decorated with sand, other times we have seen and look great. But this time are sought stones, stones that fit together and are arranged in a way that represents the balance and feel of other relaxing weightlessness. But it is also true that the stones have been discovered using a special form a form that allows them to be seated one on others.

Furthermore one of the stones has a slit thus there is a gap just perfect to sail. The candle can be sized to fit larger or smaller depending on the stone you have chosen. This time it’s a small fire, which gives a very beautiful light. It has also picked up a tray, as a base, where the sand the entire cover.

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