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Idea to decorate the bathroom wall

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave you with a great idea to decorate the bathroom wall using ceramic tiles. It is very common that after some work, spare tiles or slabs. This idea will help also to recycle all those tiles you have at home and do not know what to do with them. Instead of having they saved somehow social party. Today, for example create a beautiful patchwork effect on the bathroom wall.
Everything you see is in two colors basically different although shades. The protagonists are white and a variety of greens. The wall is white, the tiles have been placed as a decorative not to completely coat the wall. Like a great painting it was have been scattered. The funny thing is that the idea some are overlaid on other tiles. Of different textures, shapes, colors and with different patterns great result is most attractive.

Are striking, and the bathtub in white and the floor in this color give the contrast you need the room. Sometimes decorating the bathroom can be much easier than it sounds, this is one of those times. As you see there mosaic tiles, others with square patterns and some relief. Although the whole is coming from the wall a little, for all the tiles are overlapped. It’s easy to do, just gather a few and go by affixing them to the wall.

For this you can use from silicone, extra strong glue, grout. Choose colors that you like, remember that you also have the option of painting the tiles just need the right paint. We hope this idea will help in decorating the bathroom. And we love to see that besides being simple, is very striking.

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