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Idea for child craft with socks

Good morning friends! Ever think that you can do with a sock old? Because today we share this idea with you all! It is easier to do than you think and it does not take a large sewing enough to have some tissue handy scissors some thread needle and imagination. With all this in our power to do a detail perfectly child as friendly as this nest of small birds if you have socks, gloves or something similar cut the toe area.
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In socks, depending on the size you want the birds, no need to cut or do a hack up and put some hair with it on the sock. When you have all your patchwork, sewing see all openings except one this is where you will put the filling to have this look so fluffy. To fill you can use cotton or wadding, among other things. Finally closes the opening and ready, and we have the bodies.

Remember that we do not want birds perfect, just simulate something like that and be much funnier. The eyes and beaks, and other details can make with yarn or embroidery thread that is brighter and thicker.

Add as many ornaments as you like with your birds. When you make one you will notice the designs you can do. You can even take advantage of the little fingers of your gloves and make small birds or eggs just fill it up to put it round. Finally the nest, his is to be of wool but you can do many kinds of fabric. But the wool gives something special to all especially now with the cold.

Simply cut an old turtleneck sweater use an old scarf or a piece of the sleeve of a wool sweater. Loosely crumple into the piece that will serve as a nest and accommodates the birds right there you will see how it is in the room of your children.

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