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Idea for a child’s room

Good morning friends, today we leave you with a great idea for a child’s room. If your child is a little older and thinks you need a room a little more youthful but without losing that spark of childhood, this is the perfect spot. The truth is that it has been pretty good, is a cabinet where at the center of both upper cabinets as inferior left a space. This space has been exploited for it has been decorated with a few things quite simple and it looks great.
kids room
Hough particularly, the color of the furniture we do not like at all we must admit that the space created is quite nice. Right on the wall hung a clock has been very simple and colorful. Pretty convenient but also gives a touch of joy because the furniture is pretty serious.

Additionally, this piece of wall was hanging a picture full of phrases about life. This is easy to do you can do with your computer. Just type in different sizes things that might appeal to your child like loving words of love friendship then print it and add a nice frame.

To finish you can put on the wall. The little pig sitting waiting to have a little more money inside right next to the pig, we see a television in the form of motorcycle helmet.

Finally, on the right wall has left a space to fill it with pictures. The pictures are great to remember and think about the people we love. You can put pictures of your son, of different ages, family, travel and things that they like your children.

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