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How to paint a children room

For those who have children at home or who are waiting and dreaming of the arrival of a baby one of many recurring thoughts is to decorate a nice and comfortable room for them. Then come thousands of ideas for decorating what to draw what colors to use brushes paint brushes and pencils to buy and, especially how to complete the interior decorating project as efficiently as possible. With this simple informative guide you’ll find all this and in the blink of an eye their children will have a really special space.
kids room paint
To paint a child’s bedroom, first consider how to organize the room where you will place the bed, wardrobes and chests to avoid making designs in points that can later be covered by furniture. Once done you will have the perception that space you can use to paint. And you can unleash your imagination and personal taste to choose what to draw. Designs can be many up to you to choose the right one be it cartoon or storybook character known books comics even a landscape with sun, moon, stars, clouds and flowers.

After the difficult choice you have to think on stage how to organize the different spaces and draw particular thing at each point. Project all doing a small sketch on a sheet so you have a general idea of the work. Then it’s time to start using the wall and define where your funds will be using a piece of chalk for example that space used for the sky or grass.

Now, get ready to paint. Cover everything that can get dirty, furniture, floors, baseboards, light switches and connectors using sheets and tape sold in paint stores. For funds use the traditional wall paintings regardless of the chosen background, always choose light colors and light tones to create an atmosphere of relaxation and also to avoid designs that do not go over well.

Once the paint is dry finally the time has come to draw the designs themselves. If you are good at drawing freehand make a sketch on the wall with chalk and if you do not feel confident you can extend one of their designs to the wall with carbon paper. Start painting carefully one to one his designs on the wall this time using acrylic paints that comparison of tempera are more resistant and durable.

Do not dilute the colors too because do not forget you are painting may occur vertically to drain the color. If this happens immediately wipe gently with a sponge and water, and then at the end go over the stain. Color always starting from the highlands and then gradually moving down and decrease the negative effect of any tears. Try to be as accurate as possible without going off the edge and go right color at all points.

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