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How to make large spaces more welcoming

People who have to settle for living in homes where space is absent costs us to understand, but the truth is that decorating large rooms also has its difficulties. Definitely one of the main problems of these rooms is that they can seem cold and lacking in personality.

But do not think that only households with many square meters you have stays large. Today environments combined open and take, so it is common for households to have large spaces that serve as living room, reading area, office and kitchen at the same time. Then we will give you some tips for you to get this kind of stays longer be cold spaces.

large spaces

Divide the environment

The first thing you should do if you want large spaces in your home do not have a decoration too cold is to divide the room into different areas: conversation areas with two or three sofas, office, reading a sector, playground for the kids, a picnic table, an entertainment space with television and video games.

If the bedroom, you can divide the room into a dressing area, an area for discusser, and bed area. The screens or carpet can help you get a distinction in each area. Although divided space, all areas must be connected with a decor that complements the same neutral throughout the atmosphere prints same style.


As for the colors, it is better to opt for warm while neutral should be preferably brown or beige. The latter are ideal for painting walls, and that will make the spaces more welcoming. Of course, in large spaces you should not be afraid to try dark colors. As for the cool colors, it is better than only fixtures in details and textiles.


You must keep in mind that you do not need larger furniture, but comfortable pieces such as sofas chairs and armchairs where you can relax. For the rest of furniture, you must have variety in heights and sizes. Finally add some detail flashy vibrant or dark colors. In addition it is best not to use many mirrors.

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