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How to decorate rooms with brick walls

The walls of bricks have become very popular in recent times. The best of this alternative is that the walls can be used for stays of country style as modern industrial or both. What is clear is that if you go for this option you will give a dramatic change to your home giving freshness.

If your building is the 50 or 60 it is more likely that your walls are solid brick, but if it is older it may even be built with stone naturally. Here we give a few tips to decorate rooms with brick walls.


Remove the cast

If you want a room with brick walls, the first thing you should do is remove the plaster or goatee to leave the brick wall view. It is best that you do a professional as it could take a long time to do it and you would not quite right. Regardless of who does it, you must remove all the furniture and cover the soil well.

Issues to Consider

It is important that before you make a decision you consider the color of the brick is very dominant so it will give the room a rustic unfinished industrial character depending on how the brick. Moreover, as the surface is rough, the walls accumulate a lot of dust and you have to thoroughly clean the wall regularly. Also keep in mind that the cast is excellent thermal and acoustic insulation so you can notice his absence.

A very aggressive color

Like we said before the color of the brick is very aggressive so it’s not a bad idea to paint the wall white or if you dare in another tone Original. And if you just tired you can always re-plastering the wall again.

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