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How to decorate for Valentine’s Day

Good morning friends! Today we bring something special for one of the most anticipated days of the year. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and now we’ll leave a little something for that special someone. A good romantic breakfast can become something more if you decorate a bit. Decorate your table with a touch Valentine romantic.


Today I want to wrap stays pink and full of hearts and ribbons. Not want to be cloying but a few hearts at breakfast yes we can make. Surprise your partner on Valentine’s not hard sometimes with a few nice touches that we hope we get that smile to our love.

Thus today we suggest you do a few red hearts cardboard or material you want. They are not difficult to do just lay them on cardboard red or the one you like and cut them out. You can hearts of all sizes and colors you can combine them. Once you have done, simply decorate the table.

If you have a few you can adhere to the cup a couple of your partner and your own.If you put tea, you can add a heart to the upper piece of cardboard you can even write a sentence loving. You can also leave it or add a heart on the plate folded in half and with a love letter … or a poem.

Another option is to serve a tray with some basic hearts. You can make them in different colors. You can also make a simple centerpiece with a pair of crystal glasses and some hearts inside. To finish adds one or two pretty flowers!

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