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Header for children’s rooms

Good morning friends, in the space now we leave this header for both children and youth rooms. The truth is that it is quite interesting, in the picture you can see how the pattern is what would a baseball. It is important to know that you can give the pattern that you like it may be another type of ball sport or just another characters super heroes.
You can add the theme that you like to your child, such as space, nature, animals or didactic forms as numbers or words. This time the head of the bed which had previously been covered with canvas and is painted the baseball? It is easier to do than it looks and well if you renew your child’s bedroom economically you can try. Besides save much money it is a way to add personality to the decor of this space as used.

You just have to know the subject that your child likes or one of them and then act accordingly. If you like music, you think of adding a large musical note a pentagram or pictures of their favorite artists. This time is the pattern and design of a baseball. All you have to do is choose a durable fabric that you like.

Perhaps the pattern come already printed on it, but you can also choose a plain fabric. With a background color that you like and then paint over it. Try searching right paint to the fabric that you are painting if you are not good at freehand or do not want to take chances before you can make a design on paper. Then this design, draw it into the fabric finally painted the picture as you want. Let dry thoroughly and then shoves the head.

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